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Selling By Tender

Tender works in a similar way to the auction system, except there is no public auction day. Instead, tenders or offers close at a specific time on a specific date. Tender presents another opportunity for sellers to create a competitive situation without stating a listing price. They set the terms, conditions and the deadline, and prospective buyers have only one opportunity to put forward their most competitive offer. Because tender is another method of marketing without a price it increases the number of enquiries, inspections and opportunities to obtain the very best price for your property. When you offer your property for sale by Tender everyone with an interest to purchase must seal their offer (tender) in an envelope and deposit it with us by a predetermined date and time. All tenders are then opened together allowing you to choose the one most favourable to you.The seller doesn’t necessarily have to accept the highest price. They can choose to negotiate with any of the tenderers to achieve a satisfactory conclusion.