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Tips for selling

Dress Your Home For Success

While every property has good points, most have aspects that would benefit from improvement.  With a little thought and energy you can make the most of the good points.  Presentation is everything... and it's often what sells the emotional appeal of a property. 

Step One

Start with the front door, porch and walkway. Powerwash the driveway, paths, decking and if necessary the house, by removing any spider webs, dirt and grime on spouting. Clear gutters and wipe down window and door frames.

Step Two

Edge the lawn, pull weeds and put out fresh mulch in flowerbeds. Trim hedges and shrubbery to show as much of the exterior as possible.Touch up paint on doors, window frames, fascia etc if necessary.

Step Three

Ensure the deck, patios and verandahs are used to full potential and display a few nice potted plants, get your outdoor furniture out of storage and display neatly, along with the bbq. Nowadays, people are looking for that all important indoor/outdoor flow....... a nice touch during your open homes (if weather permits) would be to leave a premium magazine open upside down and pair of reading or sunglasses or a coffee pot and mugs.......as if you've just left the comfort of your home!

Step Four

Once inside, replace, if necessary the front door mat. Remove and clean all covers on lighting fixtures. Replace any old light bulbs . Wipe down all light switchplates (you'll be shocked when you see how much grime builds up on these!)

Step Five

Clean the inside and outside of all windows until they are streak free and spotless. Homes show better with the blinds or curtains up but not if the windows are dirty. Its amazing how much grime builds up inside window frames, an old toothbrush is always handy to remove this.

Step Six

De-Clutter - Remove any unneeded furniture, homes show better if they are not crowded. Remember there will be 2-4 people walking through each room together when viewing your home. Box up collectibles and photos. There should be no more than 1-3 items on any surface (ie. tables, mantels, shelves, walls etc)

Tip Seven

Have your home carpets professionally cleaned if necessary, wash and vacuum floors.

Tip Eight

OK, here's more fun stuff....... remove everything from Kitchen surfaces and clean them well. Then check all of the grime around sinks, taps, plug holes and tubs. This is one of the areas that is most overlooked and can make the biggest impact on a buyers feeling about the house. Same thing for any tiled areas, especially in the bathroom, unfortunately buyers don't really notice when this is done, but, believe me they notice if it is not! Repair any dripping taps, leaky toilets.

Tip Nine

Use fresh bedding/linen and match duvet, pillow cases and a simple throw to add seasonal colour to the bedrooms.

Tip Ten

Bathrooms should be neat, spotless and fresh - If you can purchase a set of new towels for the bathrooms, that would be great..... and just bring out for private viewings and open homes!!

Tip Eleven

Repair any cracks or holes in walls and touch up paint. Paint is the least expensive way to give your home a fresh look. Touch up walls and if you have rooms with paint that is rather unusual or looks very tired go ahead and repaint. At least make sure that the paint in the entry, living room and kitchen looks good. This is time and money well spent.

Tip Twelve

Remove any odours in the home (eg. Animals, cigarettes, strong food odours). Install 2-3 plug in air fresheners (on low..... we don't want an over-powering perfume that makes buyers assume you are trying to cover something up!). During open homes, please remember to empty in-house dustbins.

Tip Thirteen

During the open home, its nice to have some background music playing, if its seems chilly then some heating on....... we can switch these off as I depart with instruction. If you do have pets, it would be wise to take them with you or ensure they are secured so that they won't annoy or distract visitors.
I trust you find these tips useful in preparation in selling; they require almost no money just a weekend or two of your time but can help save you weeks on the market. A spotless house can make a buyer feel like the home has been well cared for and enhance emotional appeal to make an offer. 

It's all about team work and if you need assistance with gardening, a spot of painting or the gutters cleaning, maybe you have a couple of maintenance issues that need attending to...... .then I have the contacts........ my commitment starts right from those preparation days so that we are ready to sell your property for the highest possible price, in the shortest time, with the least inconvenience to you! Give me a call, I would be happy to pop by and offer advice.